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At Osborne, the use of traditional methods of production is well established and has been faithfully followed for 8 generations. Veterano Reserva is distilled in copper pot stills in a slow and gentle process, this traditional method creates a distillate that retains all its intensity and aromatic richness.

Veterano Reserva matures in American oak casks, following the traditional Criaderas and Solera system. These barrels, which have previously been used for decades to produce the best Osborne Oloroso Sherry, lend the brandy its unique and distinctive character.

Veterano Reserva has intense aromas of vanilla, toasted caramel and cedar wood mingled with notes of dread apricot. Smooth and rich on the palate, with a sublime intensity that lingers on and on.

The Master Blender has carefully selected exclusive and rare wine distillates, hand crafted in
copper pot stills in our own distillery, as only the most prestigious houses still do”.

Located in Andalucía, south of Spain. The most reputed area for producing Brandy in Spain.
100% Airen. A selection of the best Airen grapes, perfect for creating the rich but delicate flavours of our Brandies.

Elaboration starts with a careful selection of wines that we distil in our own distillery, founded in 1880, where we integrate the best from the past with modern techniques. Through special copper pot stills, we obtain different styles of rich eauxde-vie aged in American oak casks, previously seasoned with our premium Sherry wines. After 1 year aging through the unique and traditional Solera system, the eaux-de-vie reaches balance, complexity and mellow flavours, each with a
wonderfully long memory.

Bright mahogany color with luminous amber highlights. Intense aromas of vanilla, toasted caramel
and cedar wood mingled with dry apricots notes. Smooth and rich, build to a sublime intensity that lingers on the palate seemingly forever.

Perfect on its own on the rocks. Its smoothness and harmony come into their own when accompanied with crème brûlée, nougat, and chocolate desserts.
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