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Gin Vaez's Land 1605 Gin

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Distilled in Galicia
Influenced by Australia

by Miguel Gonzalez
Spanish Sommelier

Luis Váez de Torres, Spanish Explorer and 1st recorded European navigation in 1605/6 of the strait that separates the Australian mainland from the island of New Guinea, and which now bears his name (Torres Strait). His origins were from Galicia in Spain.
Some other interesting things you might not be aware of. In May 1606, VAEZ and 3 other Spanish ships reached a group of islands that would later be known as the New Hebrides and Vanuatu. They named the group La Austrialia del Espiritu Santo: "Austrialia of the Holy Spirit". A morphological derivation of Austrialia,  a reference to the Austrian origins of the House of Habsburg – to which the Spanish royal family belonged. The largest island in Vanuatu is still known officially by the abbreviated form, Espiritu Santo. Along with the ancient Latin name Terra Australis. Austrialia has often been regarded as one of the bases of the name of Australia.
As you can see there is a lot of history between the two countries, and this is where VAEZ Gin bears its name and influence. More influence comes from the Botanicals that include Eucalyptus and Kiwi fruit, which there is an abundance found in Galicia but their origins are from the lands downunder. 

We highly recommend this Gin

42.5% alc 700ml

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